Halloween was A-MAZ-ING! I can not thank the Committee enough (Karen Albright Johnson, Eileen O’Hara Lawrence, Tracey Price, Elissa Cutler Ehrenstein and Jess Helton). There are so many volunteers to thank I don’t know how to say how much we truly appreciated all of your help. The Haunted Carnival was a huge hit. I know kids were waiting in that line for a long time. I hope they thought it was worth it. Please use the hashtag #kmshalloween2017 and Instagram your pics. Photos will be uploaded to our Smug Mug account and we’ll send out the link to view them soon.

Thanks to: Neal Johnson, Clayton Albright, Maria Karallas Del Roio, Robyn Krakow Goldman, Angela Sharma, Rick Del Roio, Craig Zecher, Erin and Matt Felrice, Regina Clavelli, Merly Rosales, Vicki Reyes, Sarah Kessler, Heather Biggs O’Brien, Bryan and Dylan Price, Maria Nicholas, Rebecca Sheinhorn Silverman, Shawna Benjamin, Shaina Stark, Tracey Tomasetti Coleman, Jason Godfroy, Kelly Wyatt, Gabby Calderon, Jill Justice Hines, Ella Gray, Amanda Adams-Barney, Tosha Law Luchtefeld, Jacob Mullis, Jacky Rosario, Alida Kodjanian, Yoseman Infante, Claudia Sanchez, Amber Schmitz, Karen Cooper, Rocio Ramos, Ana Ana DeJesus Walton, Cheryl Violette, Darryl Clagget, Jania Wiggins, Jada Harrison, Aisha Qaisrani, Christy Pumphrey, Freweini Kiflezion, Maureen Pacheco, Diana Chinchilla-Olszar, John and Suzzie Finn, Monita Burnett, Yu-Hsiu Grennon, Karen Cooper, Rocio and Leo Ramos, all the SSL helpers, our wonderful staff, Mrs. Harrison’s friends and family, and anyone I may have missed.

Halloween Photos are Now Available! Visit the KMS SmugMug page at https://kmsptsa.smugmug.com/Halloween2017/n-wPpxj6/
The password is Panthers1718

And log in those volunteer hours!!! http://www.kmsptsa.org/volunteer-hours/  SSL students may log in their hours too.

For any questions, please contact Beth Landis at president@kmsptsa.org