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KMS PTSA Proposed Bylaws 2015

KMS PTSA Proposed Bylaws 2015

The current bylaws for the Kingsview PTSA are up for review and the proposed changes must be posted publicly 30 days prior to a general membership vote.  On Wednesday, February 11, 2015, the general membership will vote on the bylaws and any revisions at the PTSA General Membership meeting at 7pm. Please review the proposed bylaws and if you have any questions or wish to see the entire report on the suggested changes, please contact Leslie Block. Thank you 


Anh Boesch, Realtor Lisa Kaplan, Rodan + Fields
Tom & Jenni Rucker Trumpet Marketing Group
Sonic Promos Meyer Gladstone Photography


Adams-Barney Family

Fernandez Family

Pawlowski Family

Albert Family

Foster Family

Penn Family

Bisceglio Family

Gant Family

Prasad Family

Block Family

Gowarty Family

Rai Family

Blocker Family

Jamison Family

Sides Family

Butler Family

Lawrence Family

Silva/Aldridge Family

Carlisi Family

McCutcheon Family (Laura & Dave)

Stenberg Family

Carrai Family

Miller Family (Helen & Bill)

Summers Family

D’Amico Family

O’Grady Family

Watson Family

DeSoto Family Park Family

Williams Family (Laurie & Jim)

DiGenova Family    


Babb Family

Frick Family

McCaw Family

 Rucker Family

Bennett Family

Fuhrmann Family

McCutcheon Family (Regina)

Salgado Family

Blose Family

Gandhi/Desai Family

McKinney Family

Shulman Family

Boesch Family

Garvey Family

Meyers Family

Sirulnik Family

Bratton Family

Goforth Family

Miller Family

Snell Family

Braun Family

Grange Family

Monninger Family

Song Family

Brodrick Family

Hagar Family

Morissette Family

Stark Family

Carrai Family

Haines Family

Munday Family

Stepan/Pearce Family

Cheng Family

Hankins Family Ney Family  Strauss Family

Chung Family

Holstine Family

Nguyen Family

Sweeney/Walker Family

Collins Family

Homan Family

O’Neill Family

Vich Family

Concepcion Family

Howard Family

Paley Family

Williams Family (Laura)

Cronin/Smedira Family

Johnson Family

Parra Family

Yang/Chen Family

Darfoor Family

Kim/Lee Family

Patel Family

Yeo/Chang Family

Davis Family

Koch/White Family

Patterson Family

Yi Family

de Vries Family

Kodjanian Family

Peprah Family

Yoest Family

Dimeo Family

Le/Han Family

Pickard Family

Yoo Family

Devereux Family

Leonard Family

Quagliarello Family

Zhang/Sun Family

Eapen Family Levine Family Riley Family

Zook Family

Feldman Family

Liggett Family Roth Family  

Field Family

McCan Family Rotker Family  






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