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Volunteer for an hour or volunteer to organize an event - we just want you to get involved and get comfortable.  It's going to be a great year!

  From Left to Right - Lori Fein, VP of Volunteers & Programming - Nora Salgado, PTSA President - James D'Andrea, Principal with the volunteer award. 

  Trout Project
6th - 7th Grade Science

Check out the latest from the Pond


The first picture is of a fish with a curled tail.  Although sad, we have used this to teach kids about natural selection (survival of the fittest).




 The second picture was taken today.  They have all hatched at this point and we are waiting for them to lose their bellies (yolk sac) which is providing them with nutrients for now.  Once that is gone they will begin to swim up to the surface looking for food. 



The video is of the one fish that has started searching for food.  My 6th period will have a chance to feed them today for the first time! 



Jill Lane

6th and 7th grade science

Kingsview M.S.

7th Grade Field Trip to Medeval Times


Important Update
Roseanne Arms Application


Class Level Tees for 2014-2015 School Year
Check out the new Tees coming soon

Also our schools new logo


  Calendar of Events
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PTSA Meeting Minutes For December
PTSAm Meeting Minutes For November
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